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Thread: [Editing] The Perfect Write (Robert Bacon)

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    [Editing] The Perfect Write (Robert Bacon)

    I recently come across an editing service called ThePerfectWrite -- has anyone any experience with this fellow? The man behind the service is Robert L. Bacon and he lives in Florida.
    Mr. Bacon offered a quick review of my query letter at no charge ... I liked what he had to say. He then made his offer: to look my ms over and do a page by page reading critique. For this he charges a dollar per page and I would receive several pages of information to improve the draft.
    My questions are ... is there any value it paying for such a service? No doubt my product would be better for it, but there would still be no guarantee of finding an agent or publisher. Does anyone have experiences they could share about using such a service? If so, was it beneficial?
    Help!! (and thanks)

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    The value of hiring an editor for your manuscript has been chewed over several times recently on AW notably here and and

    The long and the short of it is that in the US these services have a poor reputation (possibly undeserved) whereas in the UK they are quite respectable and can open doors to agents.
    Good ones are not cheap.
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    I've personally worked with Robert Bacon, the Perfect Write. He is very professional and is excellent at editing. I'd highly recommend him to anyone.

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    I know this post is old, but I hired Mr. Bacon for a critique of my novel and I will say it was definitely worth the money (what he charged was very reasonable). He was very honest and thorough and identified some issues I didn't see myself. I really believe in and value my work so to me this type of help is priceless. It never hurts to have another pair of eyes look over your work, especially someone who is experienced and skilled in this department. I'd definitely recommend him.


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    I've been working with Rob Bacon since I wrote my first novel in 2012 and have had him work on 2 overall so far. I'm very happy with his services. I will honestly say that his line editing skills are not the best, as I still noticed a handful of typos and errors in my manuscripts, so I might look elsewhere for that portion of his services.

    But the reason I stick with him and where I think his true value is - are his inital edits where he looks at your plot. He does a fantastic job of telling you what works what doesn't. He's made me a better writer and I look forward to continuing working with him!

    Hope this helps.


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