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Thread: [Publisher] Blind Eye Books

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    [Publisher] Blind Eye Books

    Hi. I wondered if anyone has experience with Blind Eye Books or has heard anything about them. They're an independent publisher who specializes in LGBT science fiction and fantasy.

    I'm especially interested in what (if any) kind of royalties they pay, but there's no information about that on the site, it seems.

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    I don't know what their royalty rates are, but their books have lovely covers and have done very well at winning literary awards. I've never heard anything negative about them or their business practices, so their royalty rates are probably pretty standard.

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    Cool One Block Empire - imprint of Blind Eye Books

    Blind Eye Books posted this about their new imprint, probably in 2014, since it's before Lane Robins' Renovation was published.

    Our new imprint, One Block Empire will be dedicated to bringing you mysteries and contemporary LGBT stories of the same outstanding caliber as our science-fiction and fantasy titles.
    Full disclosure: I copyedited three of their novels last year, including Renovation.

    Speaking as a freelance editor, Blind Eye is very prompt about paying me and extremely nice to work with.
    Freelance C/E



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