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Thread: Down the Shore Publishing

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    New Fish; Learning About Thick Skin peyton67's Avatar
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    Jun 2005

    Down the Shore Publishing

    Has anyone had any experience with Down the Shore Publishing, or know anything? They are an indie.
    Finally published- but still a work in progress!

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    practical experience, FTW jsouders's Avatar
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    Aug 2009

    Looks like they're pretty specialized. This is from their site:
    Down The Shore is an independent publisher specializing in beach and coastal subjects, New Jersey, and the Jersey Shore. Established in 1984, we publish Shore history, literary anthologies, pictorial books, produce historical videos, notecards, and Jersey Shore and coastal calendars.
    and this

    As a small regional publisher, we must limit our efforts and resources to our established market: New Jersey, the Jersey Shore, the mid-Atlantic, and seashore and coastal subjects. Please take a look at what we publish...We specialize in regional histories; pictorial, coffee table books; literary anthologies; and natural history titles appropriate for our market. As a rule, we do not publish poetry, memoirs, or personal histories, although we have included these genres in anthologies. We love great fiction - it is a thrill to read great unpublished writing - but rarely publish it. There are exceptions to these generalizations, however, and we will consider any exceptional work appropriate to our market.
    So, I guess if you write those things they're interested in you'll be okay. They also state that they aren't a subsidy press or expect you to sell or buy your own books and they have distribution to the certain stores in their regional area. I don't think if you wanted to go national this would be a good place to go, but if you're from the area and want to go local, you'll probably be fine.

    But that's just my .02.

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    Writer Beware Goddess Absolute Sage victoriastrauss's Avatar
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    I saw a couple of contracts from Down the Shore last year, and there were some nonstandard aspects. One contract required the author to surrender copyright. Another didn't, but had no procedure for rights reversion.

    - Victoria


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