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Thread: January 10th "Lidless Pot Day"

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    January 10th "Lidless Pot Day"

    As the old year ends, I am still single. This is a pretty normal state for me regardless of the year. And it is one that I am okay with.

    I have been "reminded" by some less than well-meaning family members that the next stage in life for me is decrepit spinsterhood. I shall reside in a creaky old house, alone, except for my plethora of cats and dote on them as the last vestiges of my life wanes away.

    And to them and to all who look upon my aging and singlesness, as some sort of incurable and unspeakable flaw,

    I have much to my surprise been defended by a family member with the declaration "That not every pot has as a lid and regdog is a happy lidless pot"

    So for no other reason than I want to give those of us happy lidless pots a voice. I have decided to declare January 2 "Lidless Pot Day"

    For those of us who are single and okay with that, January 2 is for us.

    A day when we don't have to pretend we're interested in meeting "this great girl/guy so and so knows from work"

    A day to tell eharmony, edates and every other dating service I don't need your stinking profile

    A day to look back upon, when the sickeningly sweet Valentine's Day comes along and say. Hey we singles don't need your "Love Day" but we'll eat all your chocolate because we don't have to worry about our "loved one" noticing our weight gain.

    A day to say, I'm single and it doesn't mean spinsterhood, just I'm single and happy being single.
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