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Thread: [ePublisher] Books For A Buck

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    practical experience, FTW
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    [ePublisher] Books For A Buck

    sorry if this one is already on. does anyone know about these guys?

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    So many ideas, never enough time. michael_b's Avatar
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    I used to chat with Rob, the owner quite often, but I haven't done so recently. I haven't heard anything bad about them. They've been around for about 5 years--at least. Other than that, they have good site traffic, but I have no idea what their sales are like.
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    The editor of Aspen Mountain Press suggested I submit my novel to Books for a Buck, but I find not that much info about them here. I wonder how they're doing?

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    Killing my darlings... xXFireSpiritXx's Avatar
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    Books For A Buck (epublisher)

    Anyone have anything on them. Primarily an e-publisher with optional POD print. I find the contract odd as the publishing rights are for an indefinite amount of time.

    They are on Pred & Ed but no comments about them.


    Contract Sample:
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    FYI, the contract link prompts Avast! to give a "image links to malicious site" warning.

    As for the duration, it's standard for commercial publishers, who of course want an extended period to get the most sales out of a book -- but such clauses are properly matched with another clause along the lines of "contract ends when sales fall below X number per Y period", which I'm not seeing here.

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    Clicked on their submissions button and got a warning about malware, so four months after Caopaux's message, the problem persists.

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    Bemused Girl nkkingston's Avatar
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    I interviewed one of their authors last Thursday back on my blog (doing a series about publishing options and why people made the choices they did), for what it's worth. I didn't have a problem with their site, but it might be my virus check isn't entirely up to scratch.

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