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Thread: [Agency] Connie Clausen Associates

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    [Agency] Connie Clausen Associates

    Is this agency still open for business?

    An invalid address annotation on P&E:

    One of the agencies agent: Amy J. Fastenberg

    A writeup one the late Ms.Clausen:

    There's a beautiful picture of the late Ms.Clausen in Wikipedia:

    Mr. Stedman May founded his own agency, Scribblers House LLC,

    Here are 8 hits I found on Amazon:
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    My guess is, since Ms. Clausen died and Mr. May started his own

    Of course that's just a *guess*.
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    For the sake of completeness: after Ms. Clausen's death, Mays et al. continued as Clausen, Mays & Tahan Literary Agency until the split to form their own agencies.
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