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Thread: [Agency] John Boswell Associates / John Boswell Management Inc.

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    Question [Agency] John Boswell Associates / John Boswell Management Inc.

    Hi. Could anyone tell me more about this agency? I am not sure if this Mr.Boswell is an ex-employee of Charlie's Angels.

    Principal: John Boswell
    John Boswell Associates, 123 E. 54th St., Suite 8-D, New York, NY 10022

    Some old thread from AW:
    "..Ward Calhoun got his start in publishing at John Boswell Associates, a literary agency/book packager. .."

    Not much information but an address on P&E:

    37 results from Amazon mostly non-fiction (biographies, cook books, golfing) :

    Gasp, could this be a brazen self-promotion on wikipedia?

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