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Thread: 50% Coupon for Scrivener Available!

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    50% Coupon for Scrivener Available!

    Hi Guys,

    I just did Nanowrimo and one of the special offers for winners is a 50% off coupon for Scrivener.

    Scrivener is a wonderful writing tool (for OSX only, not Windows), however I already own it! I've never seen such a steep discount, so thought I'd offer to download and pass along the coupon to someone on the board (this is totally acceptable in Nano rules).

    If you will definitely use it, please PM me. Please don't ask for it if you won't use it, because there's only 1 that I can get and someone else might want it!

    ETA: Someone has requested my coupon, but check below for other Nanoers who have similar coupons to share!!

    Winners Get 50% off on Scrivener Writing Software for Mac OS X

    This year, Literature & Latte is offering NaNoWriMo winners 50% off the purchase price of Scrivener, their writing software program for Mac OS X. Scrivener is designed specifically to aid you in hammering out your first draft, helping you to organise your research and find a structure for your novel along the way.

    If you have already purchased Scrivener, feel free to pass your coupon code on to a friend.
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