the last story i wrote really took it out of me. it was too dark for my delicate little mind. a good story, imho, but very taxing emotionally. i needed a break, but then i couldnt get going again.

its been a rough week in my journey as an aspiring writer.

yesterday, for want of something to do, i dug out the novel i shelved about 7 months ago, 60k words of slightly shaky action adventure. the writing aint total poo. i think i can hammer it into shape.

yeah! i got my mojo back. now i need to crack on and get this novel fit for submission. i am going to set myself some realistic but testing goals, i reckon rewriting two or three scenes a week is achievable, and i should have the novel in a readable, submittable (?is that a word? it is now) state early in the new year.

im sure ill have my moments where i bang my head against the keyboard but at least itll be because i am working on something rather than not.