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Kate, they recently closed to general submissions. They also laid off a lot of people in the process. They say it's because they want to "achieve greater success" for their authors.
That's vague, and I'm not sure if I find it promising or troubling. That the word "temporarily" isn't used on the submission closure announcement gives me pause.

Maybe it means they're going to back off the aggressive release schedule. I'm not sure how any given book receives adequate attention when they crank out several new releases almost every day. That wouldn't be the worst scenario. I hope it doesn't mean they're struggling.

If they are in danger of closing, I hope they do it with the same efficiency, transparency, and aplomb with which they closed their retail business, the defunct RainbowEbooks dot com (which is oddly still online, albeit empty of product--also red-flagged as not secure by my antivirus software , so visit at your own peril).