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Thread: Questions about Hindu Beliefs

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    Questions about Hindu Beliefs

    Hello! Thank you for taking the time to read this. I will start off begging you to forgive my ignorance. If I wasn't completely ignorant/confused, I wouldn't be here asking for help.


    • The term Yuga = era, correct?
    • What exactly is Chakra? Is it really just a constant swirl of energy inside your body? How do you obtain chakra? Are there only eight chakras? And do you go through chakras in order, starting with Shasrara and going to Bindu?
    • Asura are demons, or are they more godly?
    • Exactly what are Avatars? Do they start as humans or gods? Are they the children of Vishnu, chosen ones by Vishnu, or Vishnu reincarnated?
    • Mayon, the man (maybe man -.-?) that originally cut Kroni into six fragments, is he Vishnu?
    • Those six fragments are evil inside Chakra, correct? So when a person obtains Bindu, do they obtain absolute bliss/knowledge?
    • Do you believe Kroni will ever become whole again?

    Sorry for all the questions, even if you have the answer to one or two, it would be very much appreciated.

    What are the differences in Kroni and Kali?
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