I came across this publisher while browsing Freelance Jobs for Web and Print. They were advertising for an Acquisitions Editor in Craiglist.

Schiller & Wells

They appear to be a branch of Stay Thirsty Media, which has a publishing arm for 'veteran writers' and four books published from that line.

They also appear to only publish books as eBooks/Kindle.

Here's a great snippet I found from the Telecommute Job List:
Stay Thirsty Media, Inc. (http://www.staythirsty.com), an internationally recognized news and media organization viewed in over 170 countries, announces the launch of Schiller & Wells, Ltd., a new digital book publishing division dedicated to discovering talented new authors who have not yet been published. Schiller & Wells, Ltd. was formed as a publishing cooperative where the risk and the expense of publishing and the reward of royalty revenues are shared between the author and the publisher. Only a limited number of authors will be selected by Schiller & Wells, Ltd. to participate in this cooperative. Please email a resume, synopsis of the work, and the first two chapters to info@staythirstymedia.com. If we are interested, we will contact you.
Obviously, new authors should stay away.