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Thread: IMG Management-Screenwriters & Musicians

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    IMG Management-Screenwriters & Musicians

    IMG Management (which is not the same business entity as the IMG Management companies dealing with sports or models) made the mistake of spamming a board where I lurk and a board where someone in my family is active. Each of us visited the website the spam included and mentioned it at dinner.

    The website sends out a dizzying display of red flags. No names, no location, no done deals, no client list, no qualifications...

    It didn't take long to learn that the same note (IMG Management is a professional, affordable, full service option for musicians or bands seeking representation. Visit for more information.) has appeared on an amazing number of music boards, mostly local or dedicated to a particular kind of music.

    Now they've apparently expanded into literary management, targetting screenwriters, and some of the people at IMDb were busy tracking down a bit of information, including tracing the IP that one of the music sites shows along with the note. They're located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada--a long way from the 90210 zipcode shown on their profile (required by one website before posting) or the "NYC" in another.

    I didn't look around much, but I saw no responses to their spam-posts at any site I checked except for a few posted just today, presumably by someone who recognized either naive ineptitude or outright fraud.

    If you see them, steer clear.

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    Whatever they were, all that's left is a couple smears of grease from their spam.

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