I don't see a separate thread yet for Jill Marsal and Kevan Lyon at their new agency, Marsal Lyon Literary Agency.

On Sept. 4 I sent an email query to them. On Sept. 10 received email from Jill Marsal requesting 20 pages. Sent them without delay. On Sept. 11 I received another email from Jill requesting full to be sent by snail mail. All emails have been lovely; enthusiastic and professional. Even if they are form emails they made my day. I see on Publisher's Marketplace that Jill Marsal has been busy racking up sales this past month. Crossed fingers. I have five fulls being read by agents, fortunately none as exclusives.

Any other experiences with this new agency? I read somewhere that Sept was the busiest month for agents but I don't know why. Any ideas?

Back to my new project and time to quit obsessing.