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Thread: Damnation Books

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    Quote Originally Posted by pagerette View Post
    Yes, and as you can see, it's all bad. Take a look at their website. A grade 6 student could do a better job. It's designed to be scary, but it's so amateurish and tacky, it's hilarious.

    Kim Richard Gilchrist is a failed author turned "publisher," in September of last year. She accepts anything at all, and makes her money from illegal kill fees. And yes, kill fees are illegal, unless the author has signed a contract agreeing to them. And even if he has, they won't stand up in court.
    A little birdy told me Kim knows about this thread, but is too chicken shit to come on here and explain herself. Caw, caw, caw, caw caw. (LOL) Seriously though what a rotten way for an author turned publisher to treat other authors. Shame on ya, Kim, shame, shame, shame, you money hustling shyster. You PA wannabe.
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