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Thread: Damnation Books

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    Here's a comment (a warning) on Alan Leddon of Caliburn Publishing, who took over Damnation Books more than a year ago. I've been in touch with Ms. Victoria Strauss of Science Fiction Writers of America. She's quite knowledgeable of Alan Leddon's tactics. Yes, he seems helpful and sincere at first, but when it comes to paying royalties and standing by any projection of a publication date, he'll inevitably leave you in the dark. His reputation has grown increasingly dire among those who have dealt with him since he's taken over Damnation. Without question, Damnation had its problems with the prior owners, but Leddon has taken matters to a whole new, disgraceful level. Watch out for this guy. For those who've been burnt, touch base with Ms. Strauss. For those just curious about Leddon's grimy reputation, touch base with Ms. Strauss. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
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