Are there Agents who specialize in fiction with a "right-wing" i.e. conservative/libertarian political slant? And how would I find one?

As a hypothetical (and somewhat facetious) example, let's say I have a novel in which the "good guys" are gun-toting, beer-swilling, SUV-driving, Sarah Palin-voting, fundamentalists from Kansas; and the 'bad guys" are sensitive, environmentally-conscious, latte-sipping Bryn Mawr graduates who majored in multicultural gender studies. I find a little hard to believe that the average Agent, who is herself a Bryn Mawr graduate (or similar) is going to be real thrilled about promoting a book that attacks her core values.

By the way: Before somebody comes back and says "it doesn't matter because there's no market for that kind of trash anyhow," my reply is going to be that there seems to be a very good market for "right-wing" NON-fiction. The Glenn Becks and the Ann Coulters and the Jonah Goldbergs seem to be able to sell plenty of books. So why would there not be a market for fiction directed at the same audience?