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Thread: Willing Beta Readers Volume II

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    Availability: Unavailable.

    Preferences: For pleasure, I mostly read all types of speculative (fantasy, sci-fi/dystopia sub genre, horror) YA, and adult fantasy. That's what I'd prefer to beta.

    I'm willing to read adult sci-fi/horror, but I'm not as familiar with those genres, so my comments might not be as helpful. I'm also willing to read YA or adult thrillers and mysteries without speculative elements, but again, I don't read that many of them.

    Won't read: Incomplete manuscripts or first drafts. Genre-wise, I'm not interested in erotica, western, romance, contemporary, or historical without a speculative element.

    My style: I never try to be mean, but I'm an awful cheerleading beta. I focus heavily on what's wrong--as constructively as I can--but if you're someone who likes to see as many comments devoted to what you did right as what's wrong, I'm not the beta for you. If something is working for me, I won't comment on it in depth (if at all). I'm also not a great beta for line-by-line edits. I prefer to stick to big-picture issues.

    Contact: PM me with a query for your ms and what you're expecting from me. I'll respond with whether I'm interested or not. If I don't know you from the boards, and you don't have a post history that I can stalk, be warned that I'm going to ask you questions about yourself and your writing experience before moving forward and requesting more. I'm hesitant to beta for a total unknown. I've heard too many horror stories. But I also don't want to completely block people out with a post limit.

    If I like the query, I'll ask to see a first chapter. I'll critique it and then decide if it's something I want to read more of. At that point, you can also decide if you think I'm a good fit for you, too. In general, I prefer to receive chunks of chapters, not the full manuscript all at once. That way, either one of us can back out at any time if we feel things aren't working.
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