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Thread: Willing Beta Readers Volume II

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    Got the hang of it, here
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    Oct 2009
    NOT Available: I'm currently looking for someone to beta my own novel, but I have time to beta one or two novels.
    Update: have taken on two novels, so until further notice I'm not available.

    About Me: I have been writing for about twelve years and have taken several university-level writing courses. I have written several novels and am currently submitting to agents. You can also check out my crits here on AW.

    Preferences: I prefer fiction for adults, but I will consider contemporary YA. No middle grade though. I like a lot of things, but prefer realistic stuff. If it's fantasy, it has to be light, same for sci-fi. I love stories that cross genres and character-driven stories.

    Won't Read: High fantasy or erotica. Erotic romance/suspense is fine. I also won't read something that has not been heavily edited. Don't send me an non-spell-checked first draft. I need to be immersed in your story, not jarred every few sentences.

    Critique: I can be blunt. I won't be able to tell if I'm being cruel. I'm pretty good with line-by-lines and story arch and character consistency.

    Contact: PM me with a pitch of your story and somewhere I can read a few pages and then we'll go from there.
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    Recovering adjective addict
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    Feb 2011
    Availability – I've been a bad beta. Too much work, too little time. Try back in a few weeks.
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    Master of Plot Explosions Warlyte's Avatar
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    Jan 2011

    I've posted in here once already, but since posts drown a bit over time I feel a need to say it again: I want to beta read your work! I'm a sci-fi and fantasy adventure guy, but I can always deviate from that a bit.

    My style is to go all-out. I usually do a lot of work on specific scenes, paragraphs, and sentences, making them shine as much as possible. Whether it's a grammatical thing or just the pace of the paragraph, I tend to cover pages with comments. Character or plot questions and issues will usually come up more in my e-mails. Don't expect me to go easy on you!

    PM me to get started, and we'll figure things out from there.
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    New Fish; Learning About Thick Skin sailorbloom's Avatar
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    Dec 2012

    Smile Beta Reader

    I would like to offer my time to beta-read someone who is working on a fantasy novel. I am a very critical person (INTJ on the meyers-briggs test) but am heavy handed with both praise and criticism. Contact me if you need help!

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    Currently unavailable.

    Hi all, I'd like to beta for you! I hope my woefully low post count doesn't put people off. I've run a creative writing workshop/club for about three years, so I have a decent amount of experience in critiquing and editing work.

    What I will beta: Just about anything that's prose. I would lean against explicit pornography and extremely graphic horror, but I consider myself open to most things. However, my interests in general run towards sci-fi, fantasy, and YA fiction, so those three might get more in-depth criticism.

    What you will get with me: I am honest, and while I try to highlight an author's strengths as much as I can, if I don't find your work compelling or interesting, I will let you know. I will also let you know what I think you can do to improve that. I will also be the first to admit my critique is subjective and opinion-based. There are certain tropes I like and certain tropes I don't like. This of course is true with every editor, but it's just a reminder to take everything I say with a grain of salt.

    Note that the type of editing I do will NOT be fixing spelling and grammatical errors, syntax, etc. I might do a bit on rhythm and flow, but for the most part I will focus on the plot, characters, pacing, and the big overarching themes of a novel or short story. If you want someone to nitpick every single sentence, I am not that person, but if you want someone to tell you where and why your story needs shoring up, I'm your guy.
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    reaching for the sun Bushrat's Avatar
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    Aug 2009
    out in the bush
    Availability: AVAILABLE.

    Will read: Contemporary/Mainstream, Literary, Thriller/Suspense, Nonfiction (depending on the topic), Memoirs (depending on the topic), Travel, Nature.

    Might read: Historical.

    Not interested: Fantasy, Paranormal, Sci-fi, YA, Horror, Western, Erotica, Romance as the main theme.

    I can't stand: Gory torture scenes involving people or animals. I don't mind if you torture machines, however.

    Favourite Books: The Bone People, The Piano Man's Daughter, Into Thin Air, Of Human Bondage, Drop City, The Tenderness of Wolves, The Diviners.

    Experience: I freelance for outdoor and travel magazines, and had a newspaper column for 4 years. I'm a bilingual writer with an agent for my German books, and will be looking for a North American agent this year.

    My style: I tend to be blunt, so if you're very sensitive to criticism, we may not be a good match. Apart from pointing out what doesn't work for me in your story arch, plot, characters, setting and scenes, I'll also tell you which parts I really liked. Apart from making line comments, I'll give you an overall impression of how each chapter worked for me. You can check out my comments in SYW to see how I crit
    If you need reliable grammar and punctuation help, you'll want to look for somebody else.

    Turnaround Time: Depends a bit on what's going on in my life, but generally, I should be able to return your manuscript within two to four weeks maximum. I'll give you a firm date and stick to it.

    Contact: If you have at least 150 posts on this forum, PM me with a synopsis and your first chapter, and we'll take it from there. Sorry, I'm not interested in being a beta for somebody with fewer posts.
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    figuring it all out Ella Press's Avatar
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    Dec 2009
    Availability: Unavailable. I'm revising my novel while I'm on holiday, so I have a bit of free time. I'll take one request at a time. Sorry! I'm Beta-ing two books, instead of one. I'll update my status when I'm free.

    Preference: YA. Since I write it, I love it. I'll read basically anything YA. You'll just have to win me over with your summary.

    Won't Beta: Erotica, Historical, Adult Romance. (While I love reading it, I wouldn't be a great Beta for those stories.)

    Experience: I just started critiquing in the SYW area here. I've Beta-ed for two writers, one of which is being published this year.

    Cruelty: I'm honest. I'll say whatever's on my mind as nicely as I can. But I can be blunt, too. I'm sorry for that, but that's what I expect from my Betas, so I give the same treatment to those I'm reading.

    Contact: PM me with your summary and what you'd like me to focus on.

    Other: I might email you chapter by chapter edits, or I might Beta a few chapters before I get back to you. I also do LBL edits if the WIP needs it, or just give a general impression. It depends on your work.

    Before I commit to Beta reading your novel: PM me with your first chapter to see if I'm a good match for you. If I like it, I'll ask you for a second and third chapter. Then I'll let you know if I want to stay on board or if I want to jump off ship.
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    My First Novel (a.k.a., The One That'll Never See Daylight): Insomnia - Fantasy YA - 100+K words
    I'm Querying: Class Three - YA Dystopia - 61K words
    Writing: Untitled - YA Contemporary - 55k words


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    Once Upon A Dream Krissy Reynolds's Avatar
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    Dec 2011
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Availability: Unavailable until further notice

    Preference: Young Adult only please! It's my strength. I only have a few exceptions within the YA genre that I'm not big on reading (see below), everything else is perfect to send my way: Paranormal, Romance (paired with other genre listed), Dystopian, Thriller, Horror, Sci-fi, etc.

    What I Won't Read: Anything that's not YA, Contemporary (sorry, I just can't read straight contemporary), anything erotica, Western, or high fantasy.

    Experience: I've been a critique partner for multiple people, I'm in my junior year of college studying Creative Writing, been through various workshops, and used to review on Inkpop before they killed the site.

    How I Work: If you want to send it all at once then I'm going to take some time on it (don't expect it returned in 24 hours). I'm very thorough and will leave as many comments as I see fit and try and highlight issues that are repeated. Also, if you only want me to look for certain areas, I can do that too. I'm not a grammar nazi, so I'm stronger if you are looking for things such as characterization, pacing, continuity, plot, etc.

    I'd prefer if we just started with the first 3-5 chapters (depending on their length) and see if we are a good fit before I commit to you.

    Critique: I'm honest. If I have an issue with your character or plot, I'm going to say something. But, I will always give you ways in which I think you can fix the issue or suggestions. My moto is, if you don't agree then ignore me. I'm never going to just point out all the flaws. I'll also look for whats working and point those areas out too.

    Contact: PM me your query/summary/whatever as well as what you are looking for and your email address. I'll respond back with my interest or to decline if we don't mesh.

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    "To see is to devour." -Victor Hugo boilerwriter's Avatar
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    Jan 2013
    Availability: Available - I'm a college student so I really shouldn't take on too many projects. But have no fear! If it is something I'm really interested in, I'll devote myself to your MS.

    Preference: Young Adult and Literary Fiction. Really interested in contemporary and sci-fi, even dystopia.

    What I Won't Read: High fantasy, Romance, Vampire and Paranormal (If that stuff is even being written anymore...)

    Oh! And don't send me something straight from the drawing board. YOU have to edit it first. YOU have to make sure it is ready to be seen by someone else. YOU have to make sure it's complete.

    Experience: Like I said, I'm a college student so I do have to spend a lot of time learning and doing homework. But I have written two manuscripts myself and have beta read three.

    How I Work: Like most beta readers, If you send everything to me in one email, I'm probably a) going to be overwhelmed, and b) take ages to read and comment. But if you send me a quick email, I can read a chapter or two and see if we click. I'd like to think that beta reader and author need to have a connection or the process will be pointless.

    I can wear multiple hats too...if you want me to find the big gaping holes in your plot or characters, I'll be there for you. If you are looking for a grammatical or formatting fix, I can do that too.

    Critique: I can be brutal when needed. If I see an issue in your book that doesn't belong or doesn't work, I will point it out. If something doesn't make sense to me, I will point it out. But I will also do so with a sense of humor that will get the point across. Things that need fixed will get fixed...things that don't will get praise.

    Contact: Private Message me when you are ready. We can email back and forth for a while and get a sense of each other. When I'm ready, I'll ask for a few chapters and we'll be on our merry way!

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    New Fish; Learning About Thick Skin
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    Mar 2010
    Western Colorado

    "First, you do it for love, then for a few friends . . ."

    As a school teacher I do a lot of critique and editing for my students. I also beta read for my wife who writes Fantasy (not pitching in this post).

    Availability: Currently Unavailable--Projects full.
    I'm currently available for short works or opening chapters. I may be willing to take on larger projects depending on how my semester shapes up (read: how many essays I assign to my students).

    Interests: My interests are broad and varied. Most of my pleasure reading is Science Fiction and Fantasy, but I will consider any genre at this point.

    What I don't want: First drafts. I don't want to feel like I should be whipping out my red pen and correcting basic grammar or obvious structural flaws. I don't have a lot of time, so don't waste mine or yours.

    Critique Style: I try very hard to point out what works and what I like first, and I make that as specific as possible. After that, I address rough spots, logical or plot glitches, description, etc. I try and honor the author's intent and look for ways to improve it. I like to be supportive; however, I don't tend to sugar coat things.

    I can do copy edit, but at this stage I prefer to concentrate on content.

    Contact: PM me for first contact. We can swap email if we agree to work together.

    I'm afraid the above sounds a little stuffy. Sorry about that. I had a teacher inservice today that was a bit, shall we say, uninspiring. Putting a bunch of teachers and administrators together in a room is a near sure-fire way to cause digestive imbalances. Anyway, give me a try.
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    needs something clever to put here Ellielle's Avatar
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    Sep 2010
    far away
    Availability: Unavailable.

    Preferences: For pleasure, I mostly read all types of speculative (fantasy, sci-fi/dystopia sub genre, horror) YA, and adult fantasy. That's what I'd prefer to beta.

    I'm willing to read adult sci-fi/horror, but I'm not as familiar with those genres, so my comments might not be as helpful. I'm also willing to read YA or adult thrillers and mysteries without speculative elements, but again, I don't read that many of them.

    Won't read: Incomplete manuscripts or first drafts. Genre-wise, I'm not interested in erotica, western, romance, contemporary, or historical without a speculative element.

    My style: I never try to be mean, but I'm an awful cheerleading beta. I focus heavily on what's wrong--as constructively as I can--but if you're someone who likes to see as many comments devoted to what you did right as what's wrong, I'm not the beta for you. If something is working for me, I won't comment on it in depth (if at all). I'm also not a great beta for line-by-line edits. I prefer to stick to big-picture issues.

    Contact: PM me with a query for your ms and what you're expecting from me. I'll respond with whether I'm interested or not. If I don't know you from the boards, and you don't have a post history that I can stalk, be warned that I'm going to ask you questions about yourself and your writing experience before moving forward and requesting more. I'm hesitant to beta for a total unknown. I've heard too many horror stories. But I also don't want to completely block people out with a post limit.

    If I like the query, I'll ask to see a first chapter. I'll critique it and then decide if it's something I want to read more of. At that point, you can also decide if you think I'm a good fit for you, too. In general, I prefer to receive chunks of chapters, not the full manuscript all at once. That way, either one of us can back out at any time if we feel things aren't working.
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    tFLoL-YA Fantasy-Approaching the trunk...
    RotR-YA Fantasy-3rd draft+CPs eek!
    ItA-YA Sci-Fi-Draft 1
    Other Random Stuff
    GaG-YA Fantasy-Draft 1 on hold
    ToF-YA Horror-planning

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    figuring it all out
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    Jan 2013
    Dallas, Texas
    Available: Now

    Interests: Strong preferences for thrillers/mysteries/action. But a good read is a good read. So open to erotica, chicklit, humor, etc.,. Not a huge fan of YA. But again, a good read is a good read.

    Won't read: I'll shy away from western or historical ...

    Experience: Have written for a couple internet magazines and websites, a newspaper, and dabbled in screenwriting, among other things ...

    My style: Ugh! What does this mean? I've met editors and beta readers who believe that the only "right" way is the way they suggest. I don't agree with that. It's your story. You have final say. But I like to dialogue about what I'm reading. I want the writer to be able to give answers to questions I may have, and be very open to feedback.

    My Style (Part 2): To be fair to both of us, be upfront about what you want. Are you wanting a "light manuscript evaluation" (to use the vernacular)? Or do you want to really dig into it, rip it apart, and sew it back together?

    My Style (conclusion): Let's start with a chapter (or two, depending on the length of you chapters). It's the easiest way to figure if we are a good fit. If we don't click by the end of a couple chapters, we can part ways without having wasted much time.

    Contact: PM me. If we agree to work together, I'm happy to trade emails.

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    Available: Currently unavailable. Be back soon.

    Interests: Fantasy. I am a voracious reader. Having a love for this genre, I find that it helps with my feedback and the depth of my comments.

    Won't read: Historical, western, (auto)biographical.

    My style: I am hyper-critical. What does this mean? I spot everything. I pull things apart. In general terms, I focus on the big picture. I look at flow, descriptions, plot and character development, loose story threads.

    How do I give feedback: I am comprehensive when it comes to giving feedback. I can be as blunt, or as gentle as you prefer. The former is quicker, but it’s really up to you.

    What I won’t do: Copy-editing. Hunting down adverbs. Helping with first drafts (I don’t mind mistakes, but if the text is riddled with them, I will get tied down in the tiny stuff and won’t be able to focus on the big picture). I would prefer a manuscript where you – the author – have firmly established your voice.

    How do we take it forward? Send me a PM. We can talk about your requirements, our expectations, and if we are in sync, then we can start off with one or two chapters. At the end of this feedback session, if this is not something that either of us can do – e.g. the feedback is not what you are looking for, or if this is something that I do not see myself reading – well, we part with no hurt feelings.

    If it's working, then we discuss on how best to take it forward.
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    IA-Romance Editing at 84,000k
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    Jan 2013
    Me: I'm new to the boards but am looking to start getting my feet wet and contribute since I've gained so much knowledge here so I am throwing my hat in as a Beta.

    Availability: Available

    What I Will Read: I would prefer women's literature/commercial. I’m not completely opposed to YA but it has to be a page turner.

    What I Will Not Read: Non-Fiction/Horror

    As far as YA if it falls within my subgenre’s I’m game.
    Experience: Well I’m an avid reader and could be a potential customer for your next project, is that enough? LOL. I write as well and majored in fiction writing for awhile.

    Cruelty: You let me know if you want it straight no chaiser or if you only want constructive criticism.

    Now I would like to strongly state. I am not looking to be an if that's what you're looking for. I'm not the best person for the job. Think of me as a reader that will give you honest in depth feedback. I think I have a knack for dialog so I can let you know if it is realistic or sounds off I can also point out continuity problems or just give you my honest opinion on the story as a whole. WIP’s are fine but I would appreciate if it’s at least 30,000 + so I know it’s something you’re serious about.

    So if this works for you send me a pm. I'd like to read the first chapter before agreeing to go any furthur to make sure I can be invested in it. I'll give feedback of the first chapter you send me regardless if I want to read any furthur.
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    Kate got your tongue beautiful letters's Avatar
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    Dec 2012
    United states
    I'm new, but want to be more active on the site.

    Availability: unavailable check back in a week or two.

    What I will read: YA, Fantasy, sci-fi, Dark Fantasy, Horror, almost anything with dark humor or action. I have a variety of tastes, so if its not non fiction, pm me a bit of it.

    Will not read: None fiction or detective mystery, or first drafts.

    My style: I am not an editor, but if I see mistakes sometimes I will point them out. Mostly I will look at characters, the way things flow, dialogue, the rhythm, and plot. If you want me to look at specific things let me know. I generally wont hesitate to tell someone they need help in a certain area, but i'm always nice about it .

    Pm me and send me something to get a taste for it and we can go from there.
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    practical experience, FTW Write_Askew's Avatar
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    Oct 2012
    Availability- Unavailable. Check back in in the middle of March.

    What I Will Read- Romance (this is my first pick), Literary Fiction, Women's Fiction, YA, General Fiction

    What I Will Not Read- Fantasy, SciFi, Mystery, Horror, Non-Fiction, unfinished manuscripts. I would also like to stay away from anything with graphic rape or violence against women, graphic violence of any kind, or heavy elements (subgenre) of any of the genres I have already mentioned I don't care for.

    Experience- I'm an avid reader and writer and have been active in a lot of local writing groups and critique circles. I'm about halfway to a technical and creative writing degree so I do have some education with regards to literature. I've beta read several times now and I've found all of them to be interesting and exciting experiences.

    I'm Right For You If- You are looking for a beta who can cover all aspects of writing. I'm happy to work with less experienced writers who want help with grammar and structure. We can talk plot holes, how to improve style, developing a voice...I'm willing to work with people who are wanting more general feedback or a little bit of light polishing. I'm open to just about anything.

    About My Style- I'm going to be honest with you. If you're sensitive, I'll do my best to be gentle. I'm not one to mince words though, so you should keep that in mind. I'll be as detailed as you like or as general as you need. I won't be cruel, but if you're looking for someone to tell you pretty lies, I'm not your girl. I'm usually pretty quick on a turn-around, so you won't have to wait long for feedback.

    A Note- I believe that a betas should form relationships with the authors they work with. You don't need to be my bosom friend, but I want to be your biggest fan- your own personal cheering section. I want to work with someone who is dedicated to their craft and who loves writing. I want to work with a writer who is okay with tough love, and who is not afraid to ask questions. I like to communicate with the people I beta for. This also means I need you to be open with me. If you're busy, or unsure if my style is working for you, or you have so much going on that you can't keep up, I want you to be able to tell me that.

    If You Are Interested- feel free to PM me and we'll work out the details.
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    Muse: the hot poker is unneccessary Marrah's Avatar
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    Feb 2013
    hell on earth, if hell were a freezer


    Availability: Un-Available. All filled up at the moment. Try me in April!

    Preferences: I enjoy fantasy - urban and otherwise, scifi, historical, and many other.

    I'm happy to read whatever you have, but be prepared for constructive comments in direct proportion to the amount of work you have put in. If you haven't put time into proofing, don't expect to get much else back.

    Won't read: Those who just want to know how wonderful they are. There isn't any subject matter / style I won't read and nothing you write will offend me. (This is not a challenge - just a statement of fact.)

    My only exemption to the above is this: If it sparkles, it better be a fairy or porn. Or possibly the occasional rave. I realize a great deal of money has been made out of this, but it's annoying, played out and needs to end now.

    My style: Complete honesty. I'll never be mean, but I've been doing this a long time outside of this site (which I'm very new to) and for any comments to be helpful, they must be shared in full. As with all writing/reading, what you will get is my opinion, as unbiased and appropriate as I can make it.

    Contact: PM me. Include specifics on what you'd like to hear about from me, i.e. general feel/overview, very detailed, etc.

    I hope I can spend what time I have helping those who genuinely want to improve their work. I look forward to reading unique viewpoints and seeing the creativity explode.
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    "And now I see with eye serene / The very pulse of the machine; / A Being breathing thoughtful breath, / A Traveler between life and death; / The reason firm, the temperate will, / Endurance, foresight, strength, and skill..." ~Wordsworth 1804

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    New kid, be gentle! tarawriter's Avatar
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    Jan 2011
    Fredericksburg, VA
    Availability: UNAVAILABLE Hope to be available again in late May.

    Will read: Romance, especially contemporary, YA (except dystopian, high fantasy) Erotica, Fantasy, Light Sci-Fi, Horror.

    Not interested: Hard Sci-Fi, High Fantasy, Non-Fiction, Christian fiction, Mysteries/Thrillers. First Drafts. Partial manuscripts.

    Experience: I'm not new to critiquing, I've had the same CP for a year and a half, and I've beta'ed for a couple of other people as well. I'm also a voracious reader, and I read at least a hundred books a year.

    My style: I'm pretty blunt, but I use the sandwich method. I always try to point out what's working in addition to what's not. If your skin's thin, or your brand new to critiquing, I'm probably not the person for you. I will copy edit if I see something glaring, but I would prefer to focus mostly on content, which is why I prefer to work on more polished manuscripts.

    Turnaround Time: If I'm reading your entire ms, it would probably take me about a month to six weeks, depending on the length. I don't mind working on chunks at a time, either. I'm editing my own book and have to work on my CP's ms as well. But I'm a pretty quick reader and I really enjoy editing.

    Contact: PM me a with a blurb, and we can go from there. If we agree to work together, we can exchange e-mail.
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    Twitter: @tarawriter

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    American in England writingguy's Avatar
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    Jul 2012
    Availability: UNAVAILABLE

    Who am I? I write YA/MG fantasy mostly. Love to read a variety of books. Some of my favorites have come from authors like Stephen King, Alice Hoffman, Chuck Palahniuk, Norton Juster, Sergei Lukyanenko (and a ton of one-off books by authors you might not have heard of).

    Will read: Pretty much anything, but I'm most interested in Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horror

    Won't read: Nothing really offends me - throw your cursing, gore, sexual content and mature themes at me. Genre preference - well, never say never, but I'm not a huge fan of romance or politics and might not be the best beta as someone outside the target audience.

    About My Style: I tend to be very straightforward about my thoughts, but not in a mean way. I can and will do some line editing if things jump out at me, so please tell me if you don't want any of that. I will try to give my honest opinions as best as I can.

    Other Notes: If you're looking for someone to quickly skim your work and say "Yeah, sounds okay", you probably don't want me. I can and will go in-depth, and to try to help you as much as I can. I am more than happy to help brainstorm, to be a sounding board to bounce ideas off, or to just try and offer advice if you're feeling stuck or uninspired. We don't have to start holding hands, but I'm not entirely hands-off either.

    Contact: Please PM me if you think I can help. It'd be great to hear a bit about you, and for you to include a quick summary of your book. If we agree, I'd be happy to read a first chapter and offer some feedback, and if you think my beta style works for you we can progress from there.

    P.S.: Writing all that out up there, it sounds a little stiff. I'm really a pretty relaxed and easy-going guy and just want to help you. I won't bite. And don't be afraid to be honest if you think things aren't working out!
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    New Fish; Learning About Thick Skin AM_Ramos's Avatar
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    Apr 2012
    Everywhere (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Toronto)
    Availability: UNAVAILABLE

    Preferences: Young Adult. Specifically - Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Chick-Lit, Dystopian, Horror.

    I would prefer to not read first drafts.

    I will not read: First Drafts, and very rough manuscripts. Anything with erotic content or profuse swearing.

    Experience: I have a BA in English. I've Beta-Read for four writers already and they were all very pleased with my thorough and helpful feedback.

    Style: I'm respectful and professional, but very honest. I'm flexible with your requirements, but I prefer not to do too much line-by-line critiquing. Let me know what you expect and we can work something out.

    Swapping: I have my own work that I need to be Beta-Read, so I would appreciate if you are available for a swap. If not, that is okay too.

    PM me if interested
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    New Fish; Learning About Thick Skin Kaleidoscopes's Avatar
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    Sep 2012
    The Buckeye State : Ohio, USA!
    Availability : AVAILABLE!

    Preference : I only read YA, sorry!

    Critique Style : I mainly do plot checking, to make sure it flows, make sure you don't contradict yourself, etc., I do love grammar, so if you make any spelling mistakes I will be sure to point those out, haha, and if I see anything I think you could better, i'll make a note of it, I do not do line by line but I can leave a lot of comments so be prepared for that, although sometimes i'll only leave a little and sometimes lots.

    Time It Takes : It can take me up to a couple of months, so please please please don't ask me to beta read if you're going to send me messages every day asking me if i'm done yet after it's only been a week. c:

    Contact : Send me a message with a blurb please, we'll go from there.

    Sidenote : I'm not really as mean as I come off as on here, I promise! D:
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    permanently suctioned to Buz's leg Putputt's Avatar
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    Jul 2012
    No longer in Cali :(
    Availability: Patchy.

    Preferences: I try to read widely, but I mostly read low fantasy (I have little patience for high fantasy, sorry HF writers!), a bit of YA, and mainstream fiction. Books I love include: The Kite Runner, ASOIAF, Gone Girl...and anything by Terry Pratchett and Joe Abercrombie.

    Dislikes: I don't mind first drafts if you're the type of writer who edits meticulously as you write. If the MS is ridden with errors, I will write your name with my blood on your MS and BURN IT.


    Okay, no I won't, but I will get really snarky.

    As for genres, I'm probably pretty useless when it comes to Historical Fiction and high fantasy.

    I can't stand MCs who are without flaws (and no, clumsiness is not a flaw). If your MC is a Mary Sue, my eyes will shoot laser beams and BURN YOUR MS.

    (Okay no it won't. Wow, I've probably scared everyone away by now, huh? I'm actually really nice. No, really.)

    Experience: I have an MSt in Creative Writing and a B.A. in English Lit...not that they mean squat. More importantly, I have beta-read for quite a few people from AW and so far, no one has jumped off a building because of my crit. A handful of them even told me my crit was helpful, and I only had to twist their arm a little...

    Style: You can find examples of my crits on my profile. (Under the 'Go to Posts made by User' link, look for posts I've made on SYW threads.) I can do line-by-line or a more general overview depending on what you need.

    Time it Takes: A general overview will take me about three weeks. LBLs will take longer...say about 2 to 3 months, depending on how long the book is. I'm happy to send you chapters as I go along though. If you hurry me, my laser beam eyes will bore a hole through the computer and into your brain.

    Yaaay, let the shredding begin!

    *Note: I hate to do this, but I am now only interested in doing a swap with members who have more than 100 posts. Sorry, bad experience and all that. ^__^"
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    Kallithrix: "you're like pot noodle - you know it's dirty, unwholesome, trashy drunk food, but.... you just want it in your mouf"

    Wee hippo has a message for everyone: DIIIIIE.
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    New Fish; Learning About Thick Skin
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    Feb 2013


    Sorry, posted a quick reply that I can't find and I realize it was the wrong button.

    I'd be willing to offer constructive criticism and address any specific things you'd like advice on.

    Preferences: Fantasy, SciFi, Mystery, pretty much anything except Romance (which I have no experience with - not knocking the genre )

    I'm on a break from my WIP so I've got plenty of time.

    Please feel free to message me if anyone still needs a beta

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    Bearded and serious clee984's Avatar
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    Feb 2013
    Availability: Available

    Preference: Historical fiction, mainstream, sci-fi. I enjoy pop-science books, and I'd be willing to read pretty much any book about history, and I enjoy biographies of historical figures. I'd have a crack at "literary" fiction too, but I am thick as pigsh*t, so if you're expecting Tolstoy on Shakespeare, then these aren't the droids you're looking for, and you can safely move along.

    Maybe: Books about sport (in the unlikely event your book is about boxing or cricket, I'm interested to read it, other sports considered too).

    Not Interested: Young Adult, Fantasy, Erotica, Romance, Horror, Poetry (nothing against any of those genres, I just have absolutely no frame of reference for judging them).

    Experience: Absolute zero. I am unpublished, and have not beta-read anything before. Please keep in mind, I really don't know what I'm doing. (update - I have now beta-read 7 novels by AW members).

    My Style: I'm British, middle-class, and passive-aggressive. If you want brutal honesty, I'm not for you. I'll probably "damn with faint praise" if I think something doesn't work. Imagine if your work was being beta'd by Hugh Grant. Well, gosh, um, crumbs, I don't know really, I thought it was awfully good, but......

    Turnaround Time: I'm not sure what's standard, but I tend to get through books pretty quick, so I imagine fairly swift.

    Contact: Please feel free to PM me, maybe with a sample and a description - but if it's a novel, please don't send me a synopsis, I'd like to be surprised.
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    Availability: Available

    Preference: Memoir, Biographies History (Non-military)Historical fiction, mainstream. Religion.

    Maybe: Books about sport Especially baseball especially the Cubs. Can't guarantee to be impartial if you're writing about the St. Louis Cardinals

    Not Interested: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Erotica, Romance, Horror, Poetry (nothing against any of those genres, I just have absolutely no frame of reference for judging them).

    Experience: Am critting chapter by chapter approx. 25 novels right now on another sites write one crit one

    My Style: I believe in the old saying You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar. While I will give lots of criticism, both positive and negative I will give ideas on how to fix the negative and not just leave you hanging. I also believe you are the captain of your own ship and my ideas are just that, ideas. I am not offended if you don't take them. I crit line by line and then an overall. If your looking for someone heavy on grammar and syntax I am probably not your person.
    Turnaround Time: About two weeks for a 80,000 word book or a chapter a day.

    Contact: Please feel free to PM me, maybe with a sample and a description

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