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Thread: Willing Beta Readers Volume II

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    I'm willing to beta some pieces. See below for information.

    Availability Status - Unavailable


    Horror: Very Interested
    Fantasy: Very Interested
    Erotica: Interested
    Sci-fi: Slightly Interested
    Romance: Slightly Interested
    Westerns: Not interested

    Critique Style (Please request which you prefer.)

    Harsh? Yes
    Gentle? Yes

    Critique Services

    Character Development? Yes
    Grammar/Spelling? Yes

    I prefer bits and pieces (a chapter or two at a time to ensure proper assistance). Feel free to PM me with your story synopsis and I'll send you my e-mail address. I will not accept too many inquiries at one time. I believe in focusing my attention on a few to make sure those needing my help receive the full attention they deserve.

    Thank you!
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