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Thread: Writing in Spanish, publishing in English

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    Writing in Spanish, publishing in English

    Hello, this is my first post in the AW forums. I read the FAQs and searched the forums but found no thread or question addressing this topic, so here goes:

    I'm starting to write my first novel, which will belong to the historical fiction genre. I plan to find an American agent to submit it to when I'm finished, as I prefer to get it published on the US market. My first language is Spanish, and although I have a pretty good command of the English language (I am the proud bearer of one of the scant perfect TOEFL scores awarded in my country), the quality of my writing in Spanish is naturally better than the one done in English.
    So... do I write the novel in Spanish and then hire an experienced fiction translator to render irt in English, or do I simply take the plunge and write it in English right from the start? My guess is that an experienced fiction translator is much more attuned to editor's tastes regarding wording than I am, and thus his finished product would be more polished than mine.
    Any comments or suggestions will be highly appreciated, thanks!


    P.S. I have published several dozens of bilingual articles in non-US national magazines since 1997 but this is my first foray into fiction.
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