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Thread: [Agency] Mary Jack Wald Associates, Inc.

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    [Agency] Mary Jack Wald Associates, Inc.

    Has anyone any experience with Mary Jack Wald Agency speficially Ms. Sharon Shaver Gayle?

    This is what I dug out from the internet.
    PM link:
    Word hustler (WH):
    In WH, though they list their myriad interest in fiction & non-fiction, the last part of the page states that they are on the hunt for non-fiction.

    They are AAR listed agents:
    The agency has a $ on P&E:
    I searched and found only two pages of hits. Bear in mind this is an agency with 30+ years experience.

    A cursory search of Ms. Gayle on reveals that she's an author:
    Ms. Gayle has no $ on P&E,

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    Ms. Wald retired in Dec '09.

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