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Thread: Barbara Markowitz Literary Agency

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    Barbara Markowitz Literary Agency

    Does anyone have any info on this agent? I can find almost nothing on her, but I know that at one time - possibly still - she represented Barbara O'Connor.

    Thanks for any help.


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    Sounds interesting, but does she have an actual website or link to contact info? The above is just of list of authors who've acknowledged her.
    D.M. Anderson

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    Shaken (Echelon Press)
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    I don't think she has a web site. I queried her a few years back when she was listed in the Writers Guide under the Childrens Agents section but I'm not even sure if she continued her listing in that one any more.

    Her requirements were to query via snail mail and if I remember correctly, she responded within 6 weeks. Again, it was a few years ago.

    Hope that helps.

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    practical experience, FTW
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    I have spoken with Barbara a few times over the years on matters unrelated to my fiction (I don't write children's, MG or YA.) and I just recently found out she represents a friend whose YA novel has done very well.
    She is, as my friend described her "a pitbull." In other words, she an awesome agent and anyone would be lucky to have her.
    I, personally, adore her.
    She's funny, straightforward and honest.
    She does not, however, get along well with computers. She only recently started using email. So she's still out there, still repping and still awesome, but still has no website or public email address and probably never will.


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