Hi everyone, this is a great thread! I have an MG science fiction novel for boys thatís 38k and caters to short attention spans by containing 17 different time periods, roughly spending a chapter in each for most of them, with a new conflict between the good characters and the villains in each.

On a related topic, what does everyone think of an MG book with a kid-friendly adult as the MC?
I couldnít possibly turn it into a novel for adults, which is what I used to write. The content and tone are pure middle grade. Itís about adults whose jobs are what a lot of kids would want to do when they grow up -- they work at a company that makes action figures -- and when I tried to make the MC a kid, I lost a lot of the humor. The title character wasnít funny anymore, he was just boring and bad with kids.
Aside from Superman and Batman and other comic book heroes, does anyone know of any books for young people that have adult MCs? Would it even be MG, or is there another genre for it that I donít know about?