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Thread: Vincent Press Publishing

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    Vincent Press Publishing

    I received the following from Vincent Press Publications, who was supposed to be a small press book publisher:

    "I would like to ask you some questions. Firstly, what stage are you with the book? Second, what are your goals for the book? Third, what type of Company are you looking for? Fourthly, what is your budget for your book/project? Thank you ion advance."

    Jeff/Marina Muchnik San Diego, CA Vincent Press Publishing Inc.

    My answers: Done. To be Published. Not looking for a company, only a book publisher. And that's your problem.

    I found it insulting that he emailed me back and tried to pitch his bull about all their (costly) services.


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    A friend of mine ran into the same thing with a local small publisher. She didn't realize, until she met with the editor for lunch, that they had packages - based on how much you wanted to buy, how much legwork you would do for marketing, etc.

    Too bad. She still wants to go with that publisher.

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    If they aren't getting books on shelves in physical bookstores, and offering you a reasonable advance, you really don't have much to discuss with them.

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    I'd have to say, if a publisher is asking the author what kind of budget they have for a book, that would be the dead-on indication of dealing with a vanity...

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