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Thread: Literary MAGEncy (Brandon Kreines)

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    Literary MAGEncy (Brandon Kreines)

    No that's not a typo in the title.

    It just seems to be one guy with no publishing experience, that decided he wanted to be an agent. Doesn't seem like a scam, but what do you guys think?
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    His submission request for an outline that "doesn't have to give away the ending" says noob to me. Agents don't want to be surprised in the synopsis--they want to know the ending, just to avoid the manuscripts that announce "it was all a dream!" in the last chapter. In general, the guy seems to be a fan, but has no experience with the business (and the writing in his blog doesn't fill me with confidence that he'd recognize great writing if it floated over the transom).

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    i'm baaaacccckkkkkk lm728's Avatar
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    It seems like a pretty big risk to take, sending your material to a solo agent that's "not yet a member of the AAR". Most start as assistants/interns at a big agency....this guy doesn't even look like he's gotten work experience.

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    Hapless Virago IceCreamEmpress's Avatar
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    "Honest but unprofessional and ineffective" is about as bad as "scam" in terms of representation (though I would much rather invite the unprofessional and ineffective, yet honest, person over for dinner!)

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    New Fish; Learning About Thick Skin
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    Does anyone have any new information about Brandon Kreines? Does he have any clients?

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    aka Sadistic Mistress Mi-chan M.R.J. Le Blanc's Avatar
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    Hasn't posted anything new, no experience to speak of, only ever speaks of books he's read and no mention of submissions...I'm willing to bet this guy has no sales (and probably no clients either). Even if he does have clients, the no experience (and no effort I can see to actually learn the business) is enough reason to look elsewhere. Being an enthusiastic fantasy/sci-fi reader who went to law school isn't enough to qualify as an agent.
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    Site's gone. No trace of him elsewhere, which is surprising; I figured he'd have a personal page.

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