I'm asking for a little advice here since I figured at lot of you are experienced freelancers. I've only been doing this a very short while, so I'm going to need your help.

I was hired under blaringly false pretenses for a project (I freelance with other things besides writing). It became apparent just how false these pretenses were after about an hour into my first day. I didn't have "attitude" or anything, but I was fired on my first day for a very, very lame excuse...and even the other people who worked there above me thought it was ridiculous and I have in writing where they disagree with me being fired.

I would like someone with some experience in this area to PM me for two reasons: 1) I don't want to be caught defaming someone's character, even if I never state the company's name. 2) On another message board, I asked for help and was basically told I have a sense of entitlement and need to learn the value of hard work (the pretense was that I would have about 3 times the responsibility I was actually given....which apparently in some people's minds is okay because you're supposed to grovel at your boss's feet for even giving you a job).

If any of you have any experience with being hired under false pretenses and hazy termination of at-will employment, PLEASE PM me.