Since I haven't written in six months or more, I've been working through a 'writing poetry' book which has some exercises in to try and get me writing again. This is the first poem from the exercises. I thought I would share them with you.

For this exercise I was to write a passage around 50 words and then trim it down to exactly 50 words and then choose where best appropriate to add line breaks. This was the result, although I've already trimmed it down by a few words.

Any suggestions on improvements or any other comments are welcome... I do not plan on keeping it to 50 words once properly edited.

Work Today

It's been a long, arduous day at work,
up and down stairs,
back and forth
to the archive shed...
at least three trips.
Audits galore
with starters and mids;
thank God Deb
does the leavers.
Pushing paper,
that's my job.
At times I do enjoy it;
but not today.