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Thread: Yet another blog...

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    Yet another blog...

    My newest, and hopefully last for a while, blog is up and running and I would like opinions as to the layout. I don't have to have comments on the content, as it is a blog to honor my grandmother, so the content will stay the way it is. My problem is, I don't know a lot about HTML, so all I can really do with my blogs is just use the basic templates. Not sure how to "make it my own", if you know what I mean. Any suggestions? The blog I would like critiqued is the one at - thanks in advance!

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    I like the font, it's big and easy to read. Though I wonder if you could perhaps put a space between paragraphs?
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    I think that, without any representative content, it is a little hard to tell. I would suggest putting something else top right rather than an empty followers box.
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