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Thread: The Acronym Game

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    The Acronym Game

    The object of this (potentially) fun game is to make up your own acronym and the next poster has to write it in full. An acronym is basically an abbreviated representation of a larger term. Some examples:

    (computer terms)IT: Information Technology. HTML: Hyper-Text Markup Language.

    (organizations) WHO: World Health Organization. UAW: United Auto Workers

    (medical terms) DOA: Dead On Arrival. ECG: Electro Cardio-Gram. etc.

    To play this game, poster #1 would write the acronym:


    Then poster #2 would write his/her version of what the acronym represents. For example:

    Society Of Rude Editors

    Poster # 2 would add an acronym of their own, to be figured out by the next poster, and so on.

    To begin, I'll post this acronym:

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