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MANY thanks to all posters here, esp victoriastrauss, for such detailed info. A lot to think (& worry) about here, I think.

I wanted to mention that Jason Allen Ashlock, mentioned previously in this thread, who was responsible for almost all of the Marianne Strong Agency's deals in the last 12 months per Publisher Mktplace, has left to hang his own shingle: the Moveable Type Literary Group: http://www.movabletypenyc.com/
I'm sure this info belongs in a new thread for this agency, but I'm a newbie & not sure how to do that or if I'm allowed!

In any case, Jason took at least one author with him: Robert Rave, who writes a glowing recommendation on his PM page: http://www.publishersmarketplace.com.../jasonashlock/
This new agency has 2 sales so far per PM.
I'm not sure how to start a new thread either but I was curious if anyone else has any dealing with Mr. Ashlock. He requested my full a couple weeks ago and while I was thrilled I'm a little nervous considering the stuff above about Marianne Strong. He does have his own agency and it looks like they have sales.
Just curious if anyone else has any experience with him.