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Thread: Heliographica Press

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    New Fish; Learning About Thick Skin
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    Jun 2005
    northern NJ

    If anyone cares

    My book is still being sold from Barnes and Nobles website and I just emailed them to inform them of the fact that my book rights have reverted to me. Also, Helio's bare bones website is still up and they seem to be selling bulk orders of books. So much for the August 31 deadline.
    I would suggest that anyone else who has a book with them, also check these sites. Ellen

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    Quote Originally Posted by EllenG
    I assume that as of tomorrow they will be gone. Today their bare bones website is still up and believe it or not, they say they are still taking orders for books. But my book is gone from both their site and from the other online sites. Since we were told in their email that as of August 31 our books will be out of print, I assume they will no longer be selling copies. Also, that all rights revert to the author.
    I plan to re-submit my book to legit publishers, no more POD for me.
    Ellen G.
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    New Fish; Learning About Thick Skin
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    Jun 2005
    northern NJ

    Amazon will not remove my book

    Got this from today:
    Please know that The e-mail address you are writing from is not
    currently listed as an official contact on any Advantage account in
    our records. For our members' protection, we can only provide
    information or make adjustments to Advantage accounts if the request
    comes from an e-mail address associated with the account. We
    believe that this is the best way to ensure that any changes are
    authorized by the account holder.

    That said, Although your title may no longer be supplied to by a particular distributor, the detail page will remain
    online. We offer the option to buy and sell used copies of all of
    the titles listed on our web site, which is done via the detail page
    of the item.

    One of our goals at is to provide our customers with
    features and services that will help them find and discover titles
    that interest them. By making it more convenient for customers to
    find new and used items, our store will attract more customers which
    will benefit all of the suppliers that sell their titles on

    It is important for us to know how our members feel about every
    aspect of our service so that we can continue to improve our store,
    and we appreciate hearing your comments.
    Thank for using
    Best regards,
    Adam B.

    I may have to get a lawyer after all.
    Ellen G.

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