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Thread: Alternatives to PublishAmerica

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    Quote Originally Posted by Don Schaeffer View Post
    With all the negative gefuffle about bad publishers, I wonder if i could get a list of publishers you guys are currently using. It would be very useful.
    Contrary to what is said about bookstores over at the PA forum, bookstores are your best resource for publishers who do not charge writers for publication. This is because the publishers whose books are most often featured on bookstore shelves are the kind that do not charge writers and they are typically known as commercial, trade, or commercial trade publishers. It is true that not all commercially produced books get into bookstores but they stand a greater chance than other types.

    The kind that typically do not get featured on bookstore shelves are usually the kind that target authors as their market and are known as vanity publishers which also includes many subsidy publishers or are self-published. In rare instances these get onto the shelves because the author is local to the store's area. These are the kinds where the costs are borne by the authors to produce and the editorial standards in the majority tend to be lacking because they don't have qualified editors on hand.

    Now since PA books do not get into stores, it stands to reason that the big reason why is because it is a vanity publisher which was testified to under oath by a PA owner in an arbitration hearing and has little to no editorial standards. It is not because of the lack of space which is the reason that would apply to a commercially produced book and the one often falsely claimed by PA as to why their products are not in bookstores.

    So if you want the names of the best free publishing companies, then walk into a bookstore and write down the publishing company names on the spines of books with similar content to what you've written. Just remember that most of them have high standards because they're risking their money on your work. If they accept you, it means you're truly a writer worth reading.
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    When it comes to PA, the royalty check and the reality check arrive in the same envelope.

    Remember to be kind to writers who step in PA. They really don't know how bad it smells.

    The difference between PA and WLA? None. Both have the stench of dead and dying books emanating from their doorways.

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