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tit-elation.com seems to be out of business. Were they a paying market? When they vanished, what happened to the rights to your work?

Have the rights to those short stories in Hustler reverted to you?

Reprints are tough to market, but worth pursuing. Also: It was my impression that the 'Net has kicked the crap out of the male-oriented professional written porn market. You may need to find a new genre. Have you considered Romantica?
Yes, they were a paying market! They vanished, because the woman who started it passed away last year, and no one wanted to keep it up! how sad for me, because the woman was one dear person.

When they vanished, the rights came back to me. All rights when published in Hustler stayed mine. So, in fact, with all of my adult lit. I have all rights to those works.

As far as porn... That genre, isn't my only one. I do actually a lot in Romantica, but again, that isn't my only genre either.