Some info about me...

I have been writing for 25 years plus. I had my first two poems published in my local newspaper when I was 5.
Since then I have published poetry in anthologies, starting in elementary school, all through high school, and since.
I have also published magazine articles, or in my case short stories in mags such as Hustler...
Then to go on to e-sites such as tit-elation.com (now I wonder, is this considered publishing, even though it was an e-site, they published hard copies?)

I found PA, and was elated. I thought, here was my chance to get the crap I write read. (Yeah, some of it is crap. Very dirty crap, that only men would read, if of course they did that kind of stuff... LOL)

I thought that PA had everything I wanted in a publisher. Especially credit! LMAO!!! My bad. I was so excited that they were going to publish my book. I started marketing long before the damn thing was published.

Though I am very proud of the poetry within the pages of the book, the book is pure crap!!!
Let me tell you how stupid I was...
I signed a second contract.
OMG, what was I thinking?

Now, I wonder, since I have been "published" with PA, do I even put them on my resume?