IF YOU ARE FED UP WITH PUBLISHAMERICA, WHAT NEXT? Try to get your rights back? Let it ride, forget about it and concentrate on writing something new? Tell the world you’re heartbroken and never write another word?
If you are a writer or have what it takes to be a writer, quitting isn’t an option. Rejection and disappointment are an everyday part of the business.
Remember this is about you. It isn’t about PA, it isn’t about friends, family or people on a message board, it’s all about you. You must first decide what is best for you and no one else.
Here are a few points to consider:
YOU GET YOUR RIGHTS BACK, THEN WHAT? The book has been published. It’s all over the internet so you can’t keep that a secret. That means no one else will be interested in publishing it. Your options are few. You can stick the manuscript in a desk drawer and forget it. You can cannibalize it and use the basic elements to write an entirely new book.
But what if it was to be the first book in a series? You can start it again from a fresh viewpoint. It has been done many times before by writers who experiment until they find the characters and format they want to use for the long haul.
YOU CAN CHALK IT UP TO EXPERIENCE. For some people, just letting the contract run its course is the preferred option. What’s best for you and no one else? Will you be better off with the book out there even if it goes nowhere or is one of the above courses best for you? Whatever decision you arrive at will have no affect whatsoever on PublishAmerica. You may come up with a different course of action than those listed. Whatever you decide, never forget it’s all about you. Please yourself, not anyone else.