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Thread: D&J Book Packaging and Media / Dolphin Jones

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    D&J Book Packaging and Media / Dolphin Jones

    I have looked up threads about Book Packagers. I read that they work with publishers, not directly with writers. If that is true, there is something weird about an offer extended to someone I know. I don't want to get too detailed and compromise their offer, but I just wanted to know what you think about this company, and what they claim to do:

    I want to help this person make the best decision possible, but it's difficult when I am not knowledgeable about Book Packagers.

    (I have already seen this article: and I post it for anyone else who wants to learn about book packaging)
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    Adding a link:

    Without knowing anything about your friend's project, it's difficult to make a call. I can say that I've seen some of their books on shelves. I could swear I've flipped through that closet organization book.

    I don't see any red flags just from glancing at the site, though.

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    Hmm. Site hasn't been updated since '07, and I'm not finding any books after '09.

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    Great bio on the two owners.

    Who says they never put bios on websites?
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