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Thread: [Agency] Tracker Management (John Roberts)

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    Question [Agency] Tracker Management (John Roberts)

    I recently received an email from a John Roberts of Tracker Management. The email address (ending in indicates its location. Mr. Roberts asked about a film project I was working on, and requested a synopsis, script, etc.

    Anyone heard of this person or this company? I have seen no sign of either online.

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    How did he find you? Agents who are soliciting are rarely a good sign.
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    A quick search on Google turns up nothing for John Roberts or Tracker Management. Do you have the website address for them?

    Basically, there's no such thing as a stealth agent. An agent with a verifiable sales record will be traceable on the 'net or via any of the reputable screenwriter agency websites. Plus, as M.R.J. Le Blanc said - it's a red flat for an agent to directly solicit a writer unless you are particularly well known in the field.

    I'd kick this one into touch and search elsewhere.


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    Try running whatever site the email addy goes to (I'm assuming it's not just a toss away like gmail or yahoo) through WhoIs and see what it tells you.

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    I would also be suspicious if someone I didn't know just contacted me out of the blue like that. Research carefully! It's all good advice

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    This thread is still the only trace of him.
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