Hi Mojocastle Press published my first novel 'Circe' http://amzn.to/haSA3g in 2008 and since then not a penny in royalty! I've been telling Stephanie Kelsey to take the book down, end the contract (which I never renewed, so it must have expired by now), but no response, although earlier in a pm on Facebook she offered to end the contract. Ryan Kelsey does not respond at all, she told me to write to him regarding royalty. I wonder, can I just go ahead and self publish the book, regardless of when they take it off their website and Amazon, etc.? I have asked Angela Hoy of Writer's Weekly to help. She had helped me with this same novel years ago when another publisher had pulled the same trick. Mylero.com held the book for a year at least and would not take it down until she stepped in. Thanks.