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Thread: On Queries and Agents: Information Sources

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    On Queries and Agents: Information Sources

    I don't know much about query letters and agents, but I'm trying to learn. And some place like Absolute Write is a great place to learn, because there's always a flurry of questions and answers in this thread and that thread. And, since I'd like to learn as much as possible, I've taken to jotting down people's comments and suggestions in various threads in a file.

    I just got to looking at that file, and it seems like there's a lot of good stuff in there culled from all those other threads.

    I thought, maybe other people would find these information sources useful. So I stuck 'em in this here thread and posted 'em. And since I still don't know much about query letters and agents, and I'm still trying to learn, if anyone has more links or information on queries and agents to complement what's below, please post it.

    Some Links on Queries and Agents

    Places on the Net in General. The WWW is a big place, and a whole lot of information is out there.
    How Do You Write a Query? Try the how-to articles from

    Non-Fiction Proposals and information:
    Sample Query Letters from published authors are available from
    Agent's Ideal Queries -- what they look for (and hate!) in a query that crosses their desk -- may also be useful. Try the ones from
    On Getting Agents, advice comes from multiple sources:
    Finding Agents
    Right here on the Absolute Write forums there's plenty of useful information. In particular:
    Uncle Jim, in his novel-writing thread

    Guest agents answer tons of questions:
    Andrew Zack, in "Ask the Agent,"
    More general query threads
    Query critiques and rewrites, are a collaborative effort from multiple members, with discussions and pointers of good and bad things in query letters. For current discussions, check out the Query Letter Critiques in the Share Your Work forum. Password = vista.

    A Few Miscellaneous are
    Any additions?
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