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Thread: Is religion good for your health?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Higgins View Post
    I imagine that if you looked at a population that practiced Yoga intensely you would find they lived longer and better than most of mankind, even if they only have a BA and an excessive amount of cash. Anyway, that is my firm belief or at least my fond hope.
    As someone who discovered Yoga when I was 18, I can only confirm this. The immediate effects of my practice (ie, within one month of starting) was that I stopped smoking, drinking and binge eating, and went from fat to thin in the blink of an eye.

    I later moved on to the more spiritual aspects of Yoga and I am in v. good health for my age (58). The only time I've seen a doctor in the last 15 years at least was about 4 years ago -- for a wart. I also have far fewer aches and pains; never had either menstraul pains nor PMS (PMT), had very easy and quick births, and no post-partum complaints; also, no grey hairs! There's no hocus-pocus to it; the science as to "why" is sound, and has nothing to do with faith. Yoga practice, whether physical or spiritual, keeps the body supple and healthy for longer.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dommo View Post
    I can tell you the opposite. My mother fought just as hard and yet she died. Even when she was drugged up to the gills and so messed up she couldn't remember my name, she still fought on because she wanted to live and to see myself and my sister grow up. In the end she still died. God had nothing to do with it, for all the prayer and appeals to higher powers, and what not, she still outlasted the prognosis by a few months, but it was quick decline. My mom was a spiritual woman, and yet even all of faith and effort eventually didn't change the fact that the leukemia she was suffering from had effectively destroyed her marrow completely.

    It's a common fallacy among the faithful to believe that because so and so prays etc etc etc God is going to heal them. That's Santa Claus thinking. Prayer should be complete submission to God's will, which can and should include death. A person who dies in that spirit will welcome death as much as he or she welcomes healing; because finally death is inevitable for everyone.

    That said, I too have personally known several miraculous recoveries in people of strong spiritual practice, in a couple of cases recoveries that left the doctors baffled. And as in the case of Cass's mother, there are some who simply "know" that they are not yet going to die.
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