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Thread: Earth Class Mail/Virtual Mail Services

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    Question Earth Class Mail/Virtual Mail Services

    As I am a frequent traveler with no fixed residence, querying via mail has always been a problem. PO Boxes are no help, as mail forwarding is a hassle. I am not in the same place long enough to reliably receive packages on the road, as I plan to be all summer, or in the rural area where I spend the fall.

    Using a friend's address is to risk missing the all-important partial or full request.

    For these reasons, Earth Class Mail seems to be the perfect solution. The price, $150/year is expensive but affordable to me.

    For those who don't know, they give you a five-digit suite at any of several street addresses and PO Boxes around the country. The are priced differently, but the Beaverton, Oregon is not bad.

    They claim to receive your mail, scan the outside of up to 35 incoming mail items. As I would only use this in relation to the book, that would be just enough.

    Then you select the ones you want them to open and scan for viewing. This is the important feature for me, because it allows me to promptly act on manuscript requests no matter where I am.

    I haven't found anything definitive on line. There are positive and negative reviews. Some have warned that they will not forward mail if you cancel. This could be a nightmare.

    I have contacted customer service, and the representative is reassuring and helpful. Everything looks good, except that I have been trained to watch out for that.

    Anybody have experience with Earth Class Mail or any similar service?
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