Okay, pic time! I'm still working on getting the sides looking tidy, so pardon my mess.

But first, today I took a bunch of lettuce to the local aid ministry. I hope someone enjoys it.

The 10x4 bed. Strawberries at the foot. Lots of celeriac. Snap peas at the end. Behind it is bed 2, a 4x4 with the same celeriac and single row of snap pea arrangement. Both have high water needs.

Downhill is another 4x4 bed, and barely visible is the newest 10x5 bed.

The 10x5 with zuccs, two tomatoes, one lone brocolli in the south corner, some carrots and bush beans starting to sprout...

Chive flowers! These are between the long beds and in fairly poor soil and happy as can be.

Downhill of the stairstep 4x4s. Cosmos for polinators and color are in that tan pot. In bed 3 I have brocolli, lettuce, and spinach.

Flower already little peas!!! You can also see one of the bigger celeriac. They grow slowwww. I also have lots of empty spots, but my mom brought me back seeds from Czech. I think they are the Prague variety and I hope they dont mind a slightly late start.