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I need to go to the nursery when it's warm enough and get some "Explorer" variety roses. They're some of the few that will grow up here, with names like Baffin, Henry Hudson, John Cabot, etc. Going to put some by the garage when I get a new bed cleared.

Up in Alberta, you pretty much have to start from seed to get anything to have somewhat mature plants that will stay around all season, since the growing season isn't that long. Unless you want to spend a fortune on the already grown stuff. And this is just a rental, so I couldn't spend tons.

I wasn't prepared last year, but this year I stocked up on trays and seed starter way beforehand! I was determined to have something pretty to look at it in May.

Nasturtiums are so easy to grow it's insane. And yummy in salads. I need to get some rainbow chard like the bird recommended. It will look lovely out there for some color.
I know those roses! One of my favorites that may work up there is called Champlain.

I save money by buying or trading tiny starts of things, yeah. In this climate I don't have to worry about their first winters like y'all do.

I should still do seeds. I always say I will and I never do