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Thread: Mermaid Press / Mermaid Publishing, LLC

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    Chalice the Hatchet Knight Karen Duvall's Avatar
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    Mermaid Press / Mermaid Publishing, LLC

    I just got spammed by "Mermaid Press." They sent me a press release for some self-published book called Stonewiser something or other, and I'm so irritated! I hate spam! And I hate the underhanded way of pretending to be a publisher when the company has just one book and one author. They even have submission guidelines, but it's obviously a front. What do you think?
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    aka Sadistic Mistress Mi-chan M.R.J. Le Blanc's Avatar
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    Wow, blatant.

    $15.99 for that 464 page paperback, currently $12.47 on Amazon. I think it's a front too. Too much blatant focus on that author's book. I have a feeling I know who's books would get the lion's share of the effort if they took on other authors...
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    Yeah I got it too.. urghhhh

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