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Thread: Brides who personalized traditions/ceremonies

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    Brides who personalized traditions/ceremonies

    I'm writing an article for Wedding Dresses magazine on the changing wedding traditions and how brides today are personalizing their weddings.

    I'm looking for couples who are either engaged and planning their wedding or who recently got married. If you personalized wedding traditions to suit your personality and taste, I want to talk to you.

    I need to talk to one couple where the bride and groom are both in their twenties and both were married for the first time. For the second couple, I'm looking for the bride to be a first-time bride but over the age of 45.

    If this is you, contact me at (mridukhullar at gmail dot com).


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    I reworked our vows from the old Common Book of Prayer. does that count?
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    Hiya Mridu!

    I just e-mailed you!
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    Ours was a Wiccan handfasting, the ritual being a mix of personalized and traditional elements. Not very recent (midsummer 1998), but it was our first (and still only) and we were in our twenties (and still are). If that sounds like something you can use, PM me?
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