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Thread: Arkenberg, Therese

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    Title: Farther Than That (Story in Anthology, Queer Fish 2)
    Author: Therese Arkenberg
    Publication Date: October, 2012
    Publisher: Pink Narcissus Press (Editor: Rose Lambert)
    Format: anthology, print and ebook
    Price: Print $14.95, Ebook $7.99
    “I’m not really one for marriage,” he said, as my silence convinced him I was serious.
    “Neither am I. Couples should have things in common.”
    “Do you do this often? Propose marriage to people you meet at sector-level music festivals?”
    “Only when the mood strikes me.”
    “And why has it struck you now?” He spoke quietly, learning close so I could hear. His lips were long, full, faintly pink. Soft, I imagined.
    Barnes & Noble
    Better World Books
    AlibrisPink Narcissus Press store

    Title: A Wizard of the Roads
    Author: Therese Arkenberg
    Publication Date: November 2012
    Publisher: Daily Science Fiction
    Format: webzine
    Price: Free on the website
    Logline: In a post-apocalyptic world empty of almost all human life, a small band of teenagers and a tween-aged boy who is convinced he is a wizard wander the crumbling roads together just one step ahead of the mysterious, nefarious "chittering."
    Ms. Arkenberg does a fine job... in her compelling fantasy/horror story. 7 out of 7 rocket-dragons. -Songs of Eretz

    Link: "A Wizard of the Roads" on the Daily SF Website
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