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Thread: [Display site] Virtual Pitchfest / ScriptCoach

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    Smile [Display site] Virtual Pitchfest / ScriptCoach

    what do you guys think if


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    Just adding that this is for script pitches.

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    I saw the demo at Screenwriters Expo. Like it, but it's a little pricey - cheaper to send lots of queries, really.
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    Yep. It's reputable.

    Virtual Pitchfest is a bonofide resource and as you can see in the "Pros" section that a gamut of real Hollywood Professionals are signed on. However, it comes with a hefty price of $2.50 a query letter e-mail, I believe. Since there are many e-mail addresses in the Hollywood Creative Directory or Representation Directory, I'd just cough up the fifty bucks and get the directory.

    However, the store I work at does hold a class by a producer who is on Virtual Pitchfest. He says he reads those queries and has requested around 100 manuscipts and helped a few get representation. However, you still have to be amazingly-and-stupendously-and-nothing-short-of-that good because there is so much mediocre stuff around.

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    Link to parent, ScriptCoach:

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