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    Question AW Writing Class - Glynis O'Connell

    Having become desperately stuck with my writing, I thought I might try an AW writing class. Naked Writing by Glynis O'Connell sounds interesting, but there is no link on the information page to get in touch with her or the course. Clicking the "contact" tab on the main Classes page doesn't work.

    What's going on?

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    2,212 -- It's hard to spot the link, but it is there on the main AW forums. Just above the three subforums there's a band in blue with white lettering that includes the link.

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    the links in that page, lacewing, all come up with URL not found. the links are defunct. the classes link takes you back to the absolutewrite front page.

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    Incognito, you might want to send a Private Message to a moderator, specifically one that handles those forums (if there is one.)

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    Oh, now I see the problem, having tried to click deeper.

    Incognito, I'm stuck these days, too. I know I need to get back to those "finger exercises" of daily bursts that put me in the habit of connecting brain to hand. Talked to a neighbor friend today who also continually writes in her head. That's all well and good, but the traces can't be edited and expanded. I hate getting started each time; I bore myself while warming up. Blogging in a non-chatty style has gotten me out of that a little bit -- it helps me write more fictionally and poetically.

    This podcast, an interview with Natalie Goldberg, reminded me of how important the daily exercise can be. Apparently I need to tattoo it on my forehead.

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    Incognito, I've PM'd you with contact information.

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    The class is great, btw. And Glenys is a joy.


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