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Thread: Would a Prologue be Considered a Chapter?

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    Would a Prologue be Considered a Chapter?

    My novel has a half-page prologue and I was wondering if that would be considered a chapter.

    I was thinking about submitting during Firebrand Agency's query holiday where they're taking the first chapter instead of a query, but I don't want to just give them the prologue since that would be silly. I don't think the story works as well when I try to integrate the prologue into the first chapter. I might be able to cut it out all together, but I'll see. Also some agents/publishers ask for the first three chapters, but would that be the prologue and the first two chapters after that? Obviously, I shouldn't be considering querying if I haven't decided to include the prologue or not, but I'm just curious.
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    Why won't it work included in the opening of Chapter One? Does it have no connection with the opening Chapter at all? If it doesn't, what purpose does it serve as an opening regardless of what you call it? Why is it there at all?

    If it is only a half-page you could presumably include it in the opening, using a space/time break when you pass on to the main narrative.

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    We couldn't possibly do that. Who'd clear up the mess?
    Also some agents/publishers ask for the first three chapters, but would that be the prologue and the first two chapters after that?
    Don't know about the firebrand thing, but I have a short ( one page) prologue, and I always sent that plus the first three chapters. If it was longer I might not have, but I doubt they'll reject you for that! At least I hope not...

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    Good question! I have the same issue with my prologue. It's about a 1/2 page and unrelated to CH 1.

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    If the prologue is absolutely vital to stuff happening in the first three chapters put it in chapter one with a break.

    If not, then don't waste page space. Send chapters instead.

    If it's a long prologue, then absolutely leave it out. Most of those don't make sense until a reader is well into a book.

    Your first three chapters let others see if you can write.

    If they want to see if your whole story hangs together, they will ask for a full. That's when you include the prologue.


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