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Thread: A Better Be Write Publisher Inc. / A-Argus Better Book Publishers

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    From the ABBW website:

    Why should I choose ABBW?


    ABBW knows what an author wants:
    • To be treated like the artist they are.
    • To have queries answered as quickly as possible.
    • To learn if their manuscript has been accepted in a timely manner.
    • To have the publishing process explained so that new authors understand the time element involved once a manuscript has been accepted.
    • To keep communication lines open between publisher and author.
    • To be included on the ideas for the cover chosen, thus utilizing the creativity of both our graphics department and the authors.
    • To be equally and actively involved in the advertising, promotions and marketing of the book.
    • To become the next Top 10 author! author wants 'to be equally and actively involved in the advertising, promotions and marketing of the book'? Ayanna, I suspect that you're going to end up spending a lot more than a dime to market your book because your publisher won't be taking an equal or active part in the effort. Marketing a book is the publisher's job, not the author's.

    As I mentioned earlier, the high prices of ABBW's books suggest that they are POD, which will rule out bookshop placement. I'd be interested to know how many bookstores have taken up the 'Bulk Books' offer:

    Any of our below titles can be purchased in multiple quantities. For every purchase of 20 books, you will receive 1 free copy.
    The offer of one free copy isn't going to tempt any bookstore if the books aren't heavily discounted and returnable. Even if the authors manage to talk their local bookstore into accepting a copy or two, the covers (author input or no) are horribly amateurish. If I actually saw one in a bookstore I'd immediately assume it was vanity/self-published and back away.

    Another problem: most of the featured reviews lead to dead links, not that I've heard of any of the publications or websites in which they originally appeared (except the Midwest Book Review, which is a bit of a joke (

    Inside A HAunted Mind

    ISBN: 0-9788985-0-8; ISBN# 978-0-9788985-0-2;
    Author: K. Patrick Malone
    Publisher: A Better Be Write Publishing
    353 pages, Softcover $22.95

    Chattanooga Free Times Press
    First-time author serves up ghost story
    By Christine Simmons
    Staff Writer “This is a good, old-fashioned ghost story complete with an old, creepy house, spirits and flying furniture. Or is it? Could it be nothing more than the illusions of a haunted and disturbed mind? The reader will have to pay close attention to figure that out. . . Every relationship in the story is extremely detailed, from the police chief and his mother to his relationship with the old librarian, who wears a mysterious Mahjong tile bracelet. At times the vividly created characters wrap readers up in their stories and eventually they are all tied to a set of long-ago murders . . . overall a good read, especially for a first-time author . . . “
    Reviews from a local newspaper don't count for much, especially when the book in question is by an unknown author and costs $22.95 (£14.28) in paperback. You can buy two bestsellers for the same price.

    Argus is giving me the chance to become something bigger and do go on to bigger things, I am very pleased with them!
    But you won't have a chance to go on to bigger things if potential readers don't see your book in bookstores or read worthwhile reviews. What are AABW's sales figures like? Are authors expected to buy copies of their books? Because I find it hard to believe that a company with AABW's dodgy history, owned by a man with Mr Connor's dodgy background, isn't charging clients somewhere along the line.
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